What is the proportion of material cost to total production cost for phone case and accessories ?
The share of raw material prices in the total costs for phone case and accessories depends upon the different materials a producer used in his production. In the manufacturing sector, substance cost accounting is a fundamental requirement for achieving success. To be aggressive and profitable, manufacturers need to understand and manage the material cost. In the current economic conditions, many producers have been searching for Ways to improve content efficiency, in order to maintain profitability and competitive advantage through providing maximum profit to customers.

Guangzhou PinJun Electronic Co., Ltd. owns many modern production lines to manufacture high quality car mobile holder. According to the material, Guangzhou PinJun Electronic Company's products are divided into several categories, and case for huawei is one of them. The production of Guangzhou PinJun Electronic Company Electronic custom clear phone case is paid continuous and in-depth attention to meet customers' needs. The quality of the product is certified under ISO9001. The product is well-known and widely accepted for its great economic benefits. A team of 380 staff is gathered for the manufacturing of the product.

From the strict control of production technology, to advanced product customization services, Guangzhou PinJun Electronic Company is committed to satisfy all its costumer. Call now!
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