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How to Print Your Designs on A Phone Case

How to Print Your Designs on A Phone Case


In today's society, mobile phones have become a part of our lives, eating and playing, walking, playing, gathering, and even playing before going to sleep. If you can't find it or break it, you will feel bad. In life, I can often see the phenomenon that my friend's mobile phone is broken by the screen, so everyone usually buys a mobile phone case (referred to as mobile phone case) to protect their mobile phone. Walking on the street, you can basically see many young people holding mobile phones with mobile phone cases with various beautiful patterns in their hands. The patterns on these mobile phone cases are various, including patterns, landscapes, animals, personalized pictures, etc. Some people even print their own photos. Speaking of this, I don't know if anyone thought about how these patterns were printed. In fact, it is very simple, as long as the UV printer can be easily handled.

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The UV printer is a universal inkjet printing technology that relies on the voltage inside the nozzle to spray ink from the nozzle to the surface of the phone case without touching the material to form a universal printer that needs to print. It only needs to put the printed materials directly on the platform, you can print directly, just like the printer prints to paper, and any material can be printed directly without plate-making:

The characteristics of the UV printer are better for printing the phone case, for example:

1, UV printer does not pick the material, any material printing, good compatibility.

2, UV printer stereo products are also printed, it can print any product with a thickness of 17 cm.

3, UV printer can print multiple colors, no need to color, perfect color transition, amazing printing effect.

4, UV printer can be printed in a single piece, or batch printing, and no need to make plates, no need to produce film, printing costs are low.

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Because UV printers print mobile phone cases, many people in the industry call them "mobile phone shell printers", and because it prints a lot of materials, it can be called "universal", so it has also become a "universal printer." Due to the low threshold of the printing company, many people who discovered the business opportunities ordered the UV printer to start their own entrepreneurial road, which has created various domestic large and small printing companies.

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