How many luxury marble phone case are produced by PinJun per month?
Overall, the output of marble phone case in Guangzhou PinJun Electronic Co., Ltd. is stable every month. However, it may change depending on the season (peak or off-season). Monthly production may vary when there are various sizes or colors. Our manufacturing is flexible. It is adjustable if there is an urgent request.

It gets widely popular that Guangzhou PinJun Electronic Company Electronic has grown to be stronger company. According to the material, Guangzhou PinJun Electronic Company's products are divided into several categories, and iphone6 case is one of them. The production of Guangzhou PinJun Electronic Company Electronic fantasy wireless charger is of high efficiency with the help of advanced production equipment. It is characterized by excellent impact resistance. With the feature of custom iphone x cover adopted by high technology, the iphone x case has become a kind of popular product. Customization service is available with regards to the color and design.

Under the guidance of the strategy of apple watch cover, our team will firmly continue its innovation technology. Contact us!
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