Finding a Great Mobile Massage Therapist A Recruitment

by:PinJing Electronics     2020-07-19
Your back is aching but where do you find a good massage? Mobile Feel Good Company founder June Campbell explains how to find the best therapists. It's a tough job but someone has to do it. We've provided mobile massage across the UK since 1998 for household names such as O2, Jaguar and L'Oreal. Over 12 years we've built our brilliant team of over 150 therapists. Talented mobile massage therapists call us but how do you find them? Easiest option, if you're on line, is search for Embody For You or the Federation of Holistic Therapists. These are national associations for qualified UK practitioners. Both have postcode search so you can look for local qualified people ranging from clinics near you to mobile massage therapists. Qualifications are important. Modern professional massage courses include 150 hours of teaching covering anatomy, techniques, business management and endless practice hours. A typical therapist does around 50 practice massages then practical and written exams. By the time they've passed they know how to do a great massage. The best therapists always keep training. After Holistic Massage I studied Sports Massage, Aromatherapy & Seated Massage and our mobile massage therapists are qualified in at least 3 massage disciplines. More training means better massage so always ask what training they've done. Qualified therapists love to talk about their training so never be afraid to ask. Now check insurance. Like car drivers it's often uninsured people who haven't passed their test who have accidents. A qualified therapist knows when not to work on problem areas. They know which oils inflame a problem skin and won't stretch inflamed joints causing injury. Always ask if they have insurance and ask to see it. Typically a good mobile massage therapist has at least 2m worth of cover in case of accidents. Also decide what you want. Do you need to relax or are you looking for a vigorous session to tackle aches and pains? Do you prefer a clinical approach or soothing incense and chiming bells? Do you want a busy clinic, to visit someone at home or have a mobile massage therapist come to you? Check out websites, talk to therapists, ask about their experience and decide if you like them before you book a session. If you're still not sure book a 30 minutes back massage to try them out. Good therapists, especially mobile massage therapists are busy people so try to book well in advance. Lastly no matter how drunk you are don't confuse properly trained mobile massage therapists with people who provide services advertised in phone boxes. It's embarrassing so don't do it.
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