Famous Cross Platform Mobile Development Tools

by:PinJing Electronics     2020-07-19
Smart gadgets are featured with lots of advanced smartphone applications and these apps are develop used the specific mobile platforms and OS. We know there are lots of OS are available in the market and millions of smartphone devices are available in the stores. The variety of these platforms and devices let the developers in trouble for making smartphone applications for multiple platforms. This problem was sorted out by cross platform smartphone app development process where the vision was clear to make smartphone apps in such a way that they can run on any device and compatible with all mobile platforms. Cross platform mobile development is a framework where developer can develop a code for phone application and then use it for further uses. Cross platform is a great tool in the current smartphone apps market where competition is very high and development cost is a big issue. Smart phones and gadgets are very famous among the public and mobile apps gives them features which is a major reason of their sales. Here in this article we will try to cover all the available famous cross platform mobile development tools with their features and specialties. PhoneGap Development: This is one of the most famous cross platform frameworks which are widely used in the world for impressive mobile apps development. This framework is based on the web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. These web technologies are quite easy in comparison with the other object orientated languages like C and Java. Sencha Touch: This is another a great touch devices app development tool is basically used to develop web applications. As the name suggests that it is a touch based framework, provides themes and lots of UI options for the developers. Sencha touch is best for UI based web applications and mobile apps developed under Sencha can run on IOS, Android and Blackberry OS. Jquery Mobile: Jquery phone is also famous these days and the reason behind that it is touch optimized mobile framework which is used for touch operated smartphone devices. It works on the web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript which enables their developers to customize the UI of the build. Jquery mobile framework is capable of developing high class web based mobile apps easily. PhoneGap Build: This is the advanced version of the PhoneGap development we have discussed earlier. Here we can get all the phoneGap features with some enhanced tools which can give rich looks to the smartphone apps. This framework is also based on the web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Rho mobile: Rho mobile open for rhodes which can serve open source frame work based on ruby. This framework provides the facility to create native apps spanning over a stunning range of OS and Smartphones. The OS include Android, iPhone, blackberry, windows mobile, simbian etc.
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