Case For Apple iPhone 11 Pro

What is the difference between iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS?

The iPhone 11 Pro is more important than the iPhone XS in terms of camera, battery life and processor:

  1. The iPhone 11 Pro is a matt textured glass with a stainless steel design, while the iPhone 11 XS is a glass with stainless steel design, which means that the outer shell has a smooth, matte glass.

  2. The rear camera has a dual-camera three-shot, and the front camera changes from 7 million pixels to 12 million pixels.

  3. As the battery is enlarged, the thickness and weight of the iPhone 11 Pro become larger.

  4. A new generation of processors, performance improvement of about 10%

  5. Battery capacity and battery life increased significantly, reaching a 30% increase.

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