Are Mobile Phones Impacting Your Teenagers' Behaviour ?

by:PinJing Electronics     2020-07-20
Over the previous couple of years I've been keeping tabs on a fresh trend progressively start to have an impact on our habits; society generally that is. The use and reliance on mobile phones and particularly 'smartphones' seem at the center of the change in behavior. These pocket sized, 'always connected' computers that have more processing power, memory and applications readily accessible than our desktop and notebook computer of not that many months ago. Don't get me wrong - I'm all for technology and these devices surely bring a broad assortment of positive influences to our lives - there's no question of that. Having worked within the mobile and associated industries since the mid 90's it's just recently that I've personally started to take notice of major changes in human behavior that seem to be directly linked to the use of mobile devices. My main concern is that particularly within the younger generations this behavior is shaping how they become teenagers, adolescents and finally adults. The kind of things I'm referring to include the almost catatonic like state of someone bent on the 4' display in their hand - the 'fading' awareness of every thing and everybody around them, the smartphone induced halting 'zombie' step or the extremely dangerous driving + mobile combo. This sort of stuff is the tip of the iceberg of how mobiles affect our daily lives. This piece is a starting point - a 'scene setter' for a string of articles; my personal and developing views on how mobile phones are progressively affect our lives, how we learn, behave and how we interact with each other. About Me First and foremost I am not a psychologist (not even an amateur one) - I am, I suppose an observationalist (not even a real word I know!) and these observations, ideas and anything that is created from them are down to my own experience and the experiences of others that I have contact with. I am 45 years old, a parent of two teenage children and I've worked in different areas of the mobile sector for 17 years from setting up GSM mobile networks in the early days through to wireless services, support and applications. At present I run two companies located in the UK - the first providing mobile solutions and expertise to business clients. The second is an offshoot of the first - being a mobile phone application service provider. We began providing mobile phone tracking plus other 'performance' tools to organizations that help [make their remote workforces more productive. From my own firsthand experience as a parent using our product to keep a watchful eye on my own young teens beginning in 2006 a family mobile tracking service was born. Whilst the phone tracking product has continued to develop, my own observations around how the smart phone is influencing how we behave has prompted the idea that we should actually be heeding the adverse consequences of this 'mobile culture' that we are seeing. I'm intending this particular series will cover some of the concerns of business owners but I have particular concern for pre-teens and teenagers, a journey I am myself experiencing as a parent. Thanks to the attraction and dependence on smart mobiles I feel that their own social and/or academic growth could be vulnerable. As a very plain example, the use of smartphones during lesson times and late at night (causing sleep deprivation) are just a couple of areas that I have witnessed personally. I find myself in what is possibly a relatively unique position - parent, mobile industry veteran (that sounds older than I would have liked ...) involved in a sector that is responsible for, but also essentially able to help how mobile usage forms our kids behavior as they move towards adulthood. As this series evolves I'm expecting to learn more from the wider online conversation and shared experiences - an open conversation so if you would like to agree, disagree or put your own views forward please do so as I think this issue is going to get much, much bigger in a relatively brief time period.
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